Textile Printing and Dyeing for the 21st Century.

farbenpunkt: Unique combination of innovative inks and many years of

experience in analog continuous dyeing and finishing.


  • We from Farbenpunkt continue to be available for you
    during these difficult times.
    Our Peracto products, either for pad dyeing but also
    for digital printing, will be available for you!

  • ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX®  for all our PeractoPad and PeractoJet Products (24.07.2020):
    Farbenpunkt is proud to announce that an Eco Passport by OEKO-TEX® has been issued for all PeractoPad and PeractoJet products.
    Our dyes and inks can be used for the production of human-ecological optimized textiles and it has been proven that there is no harmful effect on the human and environmental health emanating from the textiles treated with our products. 
    -> Certificate OEKO-TEX® (pdf)
  • First round of investment (06.02.2020):
    Farbenpunkt, Inc is pleased to announce that our first round of funding has been successfully closed with a substantial investment from a New England Capital and Investment firm.
    -> More information

  • Farbenpunkt Peracto Technology
    Innovative. Sustainable.
    Pad dyeing without water.
    -> MP4 movie download
  • New Line of PeractoJet T Digital Inks for T-Shirts Printing (11.04.2019):

    Farbenpunkt GmbH is pleased to announce the release of our PeractoJet T line of inks specifically designed for the Digital Direct to Garment (DTG) printing industry.
    PeractoJet-T inks are optimized for use on all printheads utilized in the DTG industry and offer improved color and durability over existing inks on the market. Further no pre-treatment is required for White background garment. 

    With improved hand, colorfastness, washability and the assurance of an Eco-Passport, the PeractoJet T line offers the DTG industry a new standard in ink quality. Further the PeractoJet-T line offers the ease of use of one ink set that works across multiple substrates. You no longer need to buy or stock different inks for different substrates. Print with confidence and ease on Cotton, Polyester, and Blends.
    -> PeractoJet T Inks (pdf)


  • New innovation technology patented:
    The patent for our Peracto Technology has been issued (Patent number BE2017/5745).

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