About Us

Farbenpunkt GmbH in Morbach/Germany was founded in 2012 as an engineering company providing special technical niche solutions to the textile industry in the context of printing and dyeing.


Its founder, Etienne Steveninck, with decades of experience in textile printing machinery and chemistry, started hin business while working as a freelancer for textile machinery manufacturers.


Over the years, Farbenpunkt has offered technical consulting to companies in the area of textile dyeing and printing. By working together with equipment manufacturers, expert knowledge on printers and printer has was gained.


With the start-up of the Peracto project, Farbenpunkt International was founded in 2017 in Belgium.


In Morbach/Germany a showroom and a competence center have been established. Step by step, the company is planning to expand with own R&D as well as laboratory and production facilities.