Our Machines


Together with qualified companies we have developed unique equipment.

Over the years, Farbenpunkt developed expertise in textile narrow fabrics.

* Continuous dyeing-finishing and digital printing directly on narrow fabrics.

* Automatic dye kitchen for increasing the quality and efficiency in the continuous dye house.

Digital printing for narrow fabrics

Digital printing for narrow fabrics: One side multi pass stand alone printer unit including fixation.

  • Digital multi pass printer for narrow fabrics. The printer is based on multi pass and is printing narrow fabrics on one side at high resolution.
  • Printing width multi up to 600 mm
  • 8 colours
  • Up to 1200 x 1200 dpi

Dyeing and finishing for narrow fabrics

- manufactured by PMT Ribbons Italy -

Dyeing using our new technology system.

  •  Peracto Dyeing technology.
  • One for all: one dye for most of standard materials: polyester, polyamide, wool, cotton, acryl, etc.
  • No need for washing after dyeing.
  • No change of hand.
  • Works on elastic and rigid tape.

PMT Ribbons > www.pmtribbons.it

Automatic dye kitchen
- manufactured by PMT Ribbons Italy -

Automatic dye kitchen for up to 8 colors.

  • The dye kitchen automatically prepares dye batches. Using the lot size to scale the batches, the dye kitchen unit will prepare, transfer to the pad and clean its tanks and piping automatically.
  • No more waste of the dye baths.
  • No risks of failures.
  • Increasing efficiency.
  • Control of quality and costs.