PeractoJet: Water based pigment printing.

A unique approach to pigment printing:

PeractoJet Inks containing nano sized dye particles, easily penetrate textile substrates, hence colorize the surface and subsurface completely.

By heating the textile to 170°C, PeractoJet Inks forms a long chain molecule that attaches to these nano dye particles binding them to the textile substrate. In addition, the long chain molecule is chemically connected to the textile. Once fixation is complete, the pigments are permanently attached to the textile substrate. The bond is both mechanical and chemical, effective on various textile materials and blends.


PeractoJet can be used on most standard printing equipment as per the following schema:

Advantages of PeractoJet Inks:

  • No pre-treatment needed
  • No washing needed
  • Short fixation time
  • One ink for all uncoated materials
  • Low capital investment, only printer and fixation needed
  • No water needed
  • No steam needed