PeractoPad: Water based dyes for continuous dyeing.

A unique approach to continuous dyeing:

PeractoPad Dyes are processed to a very small size with an average diameter of below 500 nanometers.

These very small dye particles easily penetrate textile substrates colorizing the surface and subsurface completely.

By heating the textile up to 140°C, the PeractoPad additives form a long chain molecule fixing to the nano dye particle inside the textile material. In addition, the long chain molecule is chemically connected to the textile. Once fixation is complete, the dyes are permanently attached to the textile. The bond is both mechanical and chemical, effective on various textile materials and blends.


PeractoPad F Dyes can be used on most standard continuous pad dye equipment as per the
following schema:

Advantages of PeractoPad Dyes:

Simplified process

Process simplification though:

  • One dye product for multiple textile materials PE, PA, Cotton, blends etc.
  • Only 4 to 8 basic colors to blend color dye baths.
  • Lower temperature fixation reduces process effects on textiles and reduces energy requirements.


Elimination of waste water 

Waste Water elimination though:

  • Excellent fixation, no need to wash.
  • Very good crock results in dry and wet, no need to wash.
  • No washing after dyeing = no waste water generated!


Lower capital investment

Simplified small machine - pad and dry only!

  • No washer needed.
  • No need for steam.
  • No waste water infrastructure.
  • No process water infrastructure.
  • Lower temperature process results in lower cost equipment.